A joyous evening

As you know, I’ve started a new job in London. As part of that I have three interns underneath me under my remit (poor them!)  They are all lovely, hardworking and efficient and are there to help me deliver my project on time-the Lively app (launching soon on the app store http://www.livelyapp.com/)

Half of the time I feel totally under qualified, too young and far to inexperienced to be bossing people around. So, call it a guilt trip if you will, I decided to take my lovely interns for dinner after work last week.

I left it up to them to choose and they eventually decided upon Pasha, Islington.  Serving a delicious abundance of Turkish dishes whilst we sat outside and sipped on wine, and put the world to rights. Boys, Politics, autumn winter fashion and our life history were the hot topics of conversation.

I have never been to Islington, but have heard many things about the quirky,cool independent restaurants that decorate the pavements with incising aromas and pretty interiors. Pasha was certainly one of these eateries that did exactly that!

We all decided to go for the Mixed Meze so we could dip in and out of all the dishes and try the lot. The best way to get the full flavour and ambience of the restaurant is to try everything, right? Lemon Hummus,  Spinach and feta Borek, Lamb kofte, Tabbouleh a selection of flat breads and everything else in between.

Obviously polished off with a bottle of vino…

Here are the lovely interns themselves-Jade and Mitzi. (Lucy, the third couldn’t join us)

I can’t wait to go back to Islington again and check out everything else this cool part of London has to offer!

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