Barbados continued

So when I abandoned my blog some few months ago I was in Barbados. Although my time sunning myself in the Caribbean seems an age ago, the pictures are so beautiful I feel it would be criminal not to share them with you.

Sometimes I feel words or explanations to photographs can spoil them. For me, a photo is about capturing the moment-the expression, colour, people in it, place and memory it evokes. For me this blog post is very much a trip down memory lane as my life  been tipped upside down, shaken around and has consequently has changed so much since this holiday.

I have catagorised what I consider to be the best parts of the holiday, so here goes:

The fish market:

2013-03-18 13.35.28

2013-03-18 13.36.18

2013-03-18 13.38.27

2013-03-18 13.38.31

2013-03-18 13.38.33

2013-03-18 13.38.36

2013-03-18 13.39.07

2013-03-18 13.39.38 2013-03-18 13.39.02

The view: 









The restaurants:





The people: 

IMG_3881 IMG_3842 IMG_3844 IMG_3860 IMG_3981 IMG_3985


IMG_4058 IMG_4075 IMG_4102 IMG_4123

It’s good to take a trip down memory lane once in a while, without the reliance of words…just pictures soaked with whimsical reminiscence, right?

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One Response to Barbados continued

  1. jessiestaley says:

    Love: Red snapper – Yum, t-shirts you made for Mark’s birthday and that photo of you and Lisa is gorgeous xxx

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