V festival 2013

This weekend just gone, I had the most wonderful time with five very good friends from school.  With all the essentials: flowers for your hair, face paints, dry shampoo (lifesaver) and a bottle or two of the good stuff; we slipped our wellies on with our  raincoats slung over our shoulders and we went off to V festival!

I’ve been to many festivals before, including the infamous Glastonbury and the niche Secret Garden Party, but I have to say V festival just seems to have so much energy and a buzzing atmosphere! Rudimental, Beyonce, Calvin Harris and Jessie Ware were amongst my favorite performers 90,000 people jumping up and down, singing there hearts out…perfect! 2013-08-17 11.51.32

To have a whole weekend with five of my best friends these days is almost priceless. Often, people have too much to do, too many deadlines to meet and chores to complete. It was so refreshing to catch up with all the gossip from everyone’s lives without the feeling that you are  simply snatching an hour or two!

2013-08-17 13.13.50

Yes, of course it did rain. Hence  the hoods-up look we got goin’ on!

Before you ask whether I and my friend (Emma,standing next to me) had planned to wear the same raincoat, no we didn’t. All I can say is that Tesco’s cute poker-dot waterproofs for £12 are a perfect festival accessory, and kept us surprisingly dry!

2013-08-17 13.14.08 2013-08-17 13.14.15 2013-08-17 13.36.49

2013-08-17 13.37.18 2013-08-17 13.36.56 2013-08-17 13.37.01

One of my absolute favorite things about festivals, is that they give you unwritten free reign to look however you want, this includes giving you liberty  to paint pretty patterns on your face.  For the Saturday evening we decided to go all Zebra on ya’ and for Sunday-flower power was the order of the day!

However, I do suggest that to pay in between £5-10 to have someone else paint your face at the festival is a con. Why not grab your eyeliner out of your makeup bag and have a go yourself like we did?

Super cute, don’t you think?

2013-08-17 20.14.04 2013-08-18 14.03.20  2013-08-19 19.53.05

Probably the worst photo-bomb ever below!2013-08-19 19.53.102013-08-19 19.53.15

Festivals are always a great opportunity to see many of the  great performers ,  but also is a fab way to discover new artists. Many people argue that festivals are simply too main stream these days, I disagree. Every time I go to a festival, the week after I spend a fortune on itunes downloading music from new artists I’ve discovered and loved. This time  the culprit…Laura Myula-such a soulful voice.

2013-08-17 16.43.242013-08-21 13.10.14 2013-08-21 13.10.17 2013-08-19 19.26.29 2013-08-21 13.10.18 2013-08-21 13.10.24

You can image after almost no sleep all weekend and far too much fun for any young lady, work was a struggle Monday morning… totally worth it though!

2013-08-17 13.37.49

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