Long time no see! A life update

Well hello…I’m back!

Firstly, major apologies for my magical disappearing act. Amongst finishing my undergraduate dissertation, as well as writing what felt like a million essays that finished my degree off and  job hunting, planning my future and generally sorting my life out, I simply hadn’t the time to scrawl my life out on-line; without the guilty nagging of ‘you could be using your time more wisely!‘ How boring-I know!

So, I guess the first thing I should do is update you. After all my life has changed dramatically since my last post! After finishing university, (graduation pictures to follow in a post very soon!) I was straight into my job, without even a week off! In a very odd, exhausted manner I don’t really mind about this. Maybe it’s the empty bank balance weighing heavily on my mind.

The good news is however, I absolutely love my new job. I feel so grown up walking down to the tube station with my coffee in hand and heels on-a proper little Londoner. (However, I will never be one of those Londoners who wear their running trainers and a pencil dress on public transport…Nooo way!) My student life seems such a distant memory now-library, nightclubs, essays and endless fun are words/phrases that have escaped my vocabulary.

So, I bet your wondering what my job consists of? Well, in a nut-shell I work for a company called ‘Smile Machine,’ as a Junior Producer. Smile Machine is a quirky little place based new Shoreditch, London who specialise in designing, producing and marketing apps, amongst other things. Very cool, hu?  I love all this digital stuff, and have a genuine desire to learn more about technology and how brands take advantage of forever changing platforms to communicate with their audience. Yes, I am a bit of a geek, and love all things consumer!

Fitting very well into my interests therefore, my job is basically ensuring that the projects for clients like Ford and Nike (I know…amazing right?!) come in one time and budget. However, it’s not all telling people what to do and how to do it, my boss has also put me in charge of weekly company workshops-I love this part of my job! (maybe I’ll do a post about these later on…) This is the part where I get creative and get-in-touch with my arty side. Scribbling in felt tips, sprinkling glitter and getting others to do the same for an hour a week, whilst playing game of Smile Machine Charades is totally ma thaaang! Truly, the best thing about the workshops is that I’ve been given free reign to take grown-up seriousness, turn it on its head, whilst generating great creative ideas and business solutions…I told you my life had changed dramatically since we last spoke!

I shall stop blabbing on about my work-life now. Even though I love it, I totally appreciate you may not.

So anyway back to blogging.

I realised the other day, I really miss blogging. It’s kinda’ therapeutic creating a interactive diary, recording your memories and happenings, thoughts and photos in a fun way. Maybe I needed time away from my blog to realise how beneficial it is for me, and how much I enjoy writing and engaging with the kind people who take interest in my ramblings. Therefore, this is my oath to you, and to myself…I shall blog at least once a week from now on. (If it’s in black and white on a public domain, I have to stick to it right?) Consider my absence a blip…I guess I was stuck in a rut with so much else going on. However, this phase is over, a stable job and a routine lends itself perfectly to finding time to do what I love, blogging! I feel I have so much stuff to share and document, and that my life is so exciting at the moment I should embrace and share this with the world!

So I shall leave this post as a ‘refreshed blogger’ whose back!

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4 Responses to Long time no see! A life update

  1. jessiestaley says:

    About bloody time. Congrats on the job x

  2. Mom says:

    I agree. I always enjoy reading your blog. May it continue!!!!xx

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