Barbados-Day 2

We woke up before the sun had risen and took a walk along the beach. It was so peaceful, not a single footprint had imprinted on the vast expanse of beach,  and the waves crashed down with an angry morning tone.

2013-03-12 14.06.17 2013-03-12 18.11.42 2013-03-12 18.11.44

The sky got lighter and lighter until it was a beautiful bright blue with beaming sunshine; so we decided to take a walk.

2013-03-12 14.14.43

2013-03-12 14.15.04

2013-03-12 14.14.58

2013-03-12 14.13.56 2013-03-12 14.14.03

2013-03-12 14.14.46

2013-03-12 14.14.39 2013-03-12 14.16.00

It really was a beautiful day…paradise!

After hours of playing in the waves, and inevitably swallowing gallons of sea-water, it was time to put our flowers in our hair, admire our fast developing tans and take a trip to the Sandy Lane for some cocktails early evening.

2013-03-14 15.24.47

2013-03-14 15.25.21

The waitress kindly brought us over some canapes: watermelon with a dollop of cream cheese, mini battered fish and sushi parcels. These were perfect, although the only problem…I wanted more!

2013-03-14 16.00.24

C’s family

2013-03-14 15.25.57


Although the luxury of the Sandy Lane  resort comes with a hefty price-tag it, it’s exquisite in appearance,  service and everything in between. As soon as you walked into the perfectly manicured grounds through the decorative foyer I knew this is a place I wouldn’t want to leave, old school glamour but understated.


All in all a brilliant second day… tomorrow we are snorkeling with turtles and dinning at the Cliff restaurant!


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